Shelby Mustang Restoration

Since 1965 Carroll Shelby designed and out – fitted the famous Mustang in his fiber glass array of smooth body lines and muscular accents. Here we are 40 plus years later and Shelby is still putting out this trade mark on the new mustangs.

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The original cars are in demand and have not seemed to bend much in prices but holding steady as she goes. I remember standing in the drive way of my Dads car restoration business and seeing brand new Shelby’s come up the drive way in need of repairs from collision damage. They were sweet then and they are sweet now. I have personally owned a GT 500 and completely restored it to a show winning level.

They were bring it on fun cars although the fiberglass did not fit real well and needed tweaking to line up properly and look good. Come on back for Shelby tech info as we share our 40 plus years experience free of charge.